Thursday, November 21, 2013

A change in purchasing patterns

Louisiana satsumas

The first weekend in November is a citywide street party of arts and crafts, live music, food and drink in our small city. The two-day annual Peter Anderson Arts and Crafts Festival has grown from the first celebration by a small group of local artists and friends. 

Now it includes 400 vendors selected by a jury committee. Organizers estimate crowds at well over 100,000, and we braved the crowded downtown streets this year. 

I enjoyed soaking up all that beautiful, unusual and even humorous creativity on display and for sale. Vendors were having a great day as people came ready to buy, some pulling children’s wagons or other maneuverable conveyances to handle their purchases.

But the only purchase Husband Walter and I made was a bag of Louisiana satsumas. We have reached a stage where we want to simplify rather than add to our home environment.

The satsumas were definitely simple.

There were no decisions about where to put our purchase or what to move or give away so new stuff would fit. And the tasty citrus disappeared quickly.

There was a time when the vendors’ displays tempted mightily. Now, looking is the pleasure and staying upright in the crowds is the challenge. Our changed purchasing pattern is probably another sign of aging. And I am comfortable with that. 


  1. I'm there too. My friend Bobbie is getting really down to offing things. All her holiday things are going to a big sale this weekend. And her glass stuff. And, and, ....All I can do is be proud of her....and you.

  2. I am with you, i look and admire but don't buy unless i can eat it or use it up in some way... i just like looking, but NOT with that many people. wow

  3. I, too, have found that I prefer to browse rather than purchase, these days, which is quite a change for me! I, too, attribute it to the aging process.

    I've heard of satsumas, but have never seen any for sale around here. Are they similar to an orange?

  4. Satsumas .. what a nice fruit. Okay to change tempo as we grow older together. Dianne

  5. I applaud your sentiment. We are in the process of thinning out our kitchen cubpoards. Simplifying life. Freda from Dalamory

  6. Our local Mandarin orange festival is coming up too.

    I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into the sweet, juicy goodness.

    Our area produces the fruit for the whole valley.

    Yum, I wish I had some right now.