Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the road: Indulgence

My French Silk indulgence

Husband Walter and I are on the road again, in between visits to celebrate special events with relatives in three different states. Yesterday we picnicked on the Blue Ridge Parkway for lunch.

A few minutes down the road we found ourselves in the vicinity of Pisgah Inn. We have camped at Mt. Pisgah Campground on the Parkway near the Inn a number of times, and have enjoyed breakfast at the Inn’s restaurant. The view from the restaurant is spectacular.

Hubby and I were in complete agreement. We detoured into Pisgah Inn parking lot for a dessert stop.

Ben of Pisgah Inn Restaurant
Ben Bates, our waiter and dessert tour guide, didn’t hesitate to recommend his favorite dessert at the restaurant: French Silk Pie. His description sounded like death by chocolate, and I was hooked.

My selection, however, was the next dessert on the menu: French Silk ‘All the Way’ served with ice cream, strawberries and almonds.”

I had never had French Silk Pie before. I found the chocolate more like a sinfully rich, thick candy bar than the pudding-like texture I had expected. Walter helped me by sampling a few bites.

But I had no trouble devouring the rest of that rich, dense chocolate with a tasty crust, the whole thing presented with fresh strawberries, toasted almonds, ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Pisgah Inn apple cobbler
I was even able to add a taste of Hubby’s choice, homemade apple cobbler with ice cream, to my afternoon pig out.

Our dessert marathon included a chat with Ben. He said that he is currently working toward his degree in business administration at an educational institution in nearby Asheville, North Carolina. He started his college career in a criminal justice program, graduated and served in the military.

After his time in the service, he served a stint as a deputy sheriff. His experiences and the culture convinced him that law enforcement wasn’t his field. He worked for a number of years with a pizza franchise before recently leaving his management position to go back to school.

Now he savors living in the vibrant Asheville downtown district while he continues his education and works at the busy restaurant on the Blue Ridge Parkway. His interaction with Hubby and me leaves me certain that his new career path will be a fit for him.

Thanks, Ben, for helping make a pleasant day even more enjoyable, and best wishes for the future.


  1. Gosh, this is quite a guy! Way over educated for this job, BUT he should do whatever makes him happy. And I hope his education makes that possible. The desserts look luscious. We live at the foot of The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, wonder if you were close?

  2. Delicious looking desserts and your waiter sounds like his plans are solid.

  3. I love your dessert. Wow, think of the calories. But, who's counting? Lol.

  4. bob would love that apple pie and i would more than love your silk pie.. yummmm. and what a story that young man has, i hope he finds what he is meant to do. and i agree with him on the law enforcement job...i have not been through Asheville in 50 years, they did not have the parkway then, and daddy said my brother and i always got in a fight in the back seat when he hit the Asheville traffic.

  5. Ohh that apple cobbler looks wonderful. What an interesting waiter you had. He really took time with you and opened up a lot. He knew he had a good audience.

  6. I love how you and your sweet Hubby engage people in conversation.
    It sounds like Dave and I.
    What a delightful man and I like that he wants to go with his passion. Good for him.
    Oh my, even while I'm eating my breakfast I am drooling over your yummy dessert. That would have been my choice too.
    Enjoy your trip and seeing all the fabulous sights.

  7. Get the behind me temptation. On the other hand forget it. Wonderful dessert menu at your pit stop. Dianne

  8. Oh my. I showed these desserts to my wife and thought she was going to cry from longing....:)

  9. Oh, what a wonderful window into your travels. He was a winner as was the pie.

  10. Oh my goodness! Those desserts look positively delicious :)

    I'm happy to hear that you and Walter are on the road again. Have fun!