Friday, March 8, 2013

Happiness Happens

Happy #1. Husband Walter’s mom, AKA Grandma Sugar, is doing well after receiving a new heart valve Tuesday. A team at Oschners Medical Center in New Orleans positioned the new valve and installed it using a minimally invasive procedure that is fairly new in the U.S. Grandma Sugar was back home Thursday.

Today when we visited she was still weak but breathing without the in-home oxygen set up that she was using before the trip to Oschners. I am thankful for answered prayer and modern medical miracles.

Happy #2. Walking buddy Ann and I took to a nearby indoor mall Thursday morning. Cold, wind and rain plus various medical and family events have limited our walking since December. Thanks, Ann, for the energizing physical therapy and the steadying emotional therapy.

Happy #3. Hubby declared another vacation day this morning. Breakfast out and later a latte for him and hot tea for me at Coffee Fusion. Contact with former colleagues, some retired, some not, was a plus.

Happy #4. Phone calls from friends are wonderful visits, even when circumstances limit in-person get-togethers.

Happy #5. Pizza night with hubby's homemade pizza.


  1. You have a wonderful caring and amazing husband.

  2. You really have found a keeper. What a special fellow. Love those vacation days.
    Will put Walter's mom in my prayers to continue her wonderful recovery.

  3. Wow, apparently they've really come a long way with valve replacement! So glad to hear that Walter's mom is doing well.

    Sounds like Walter really knows how to keep the spirits uplifted :) Homemade mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  4. lots of happy a goin on there.. and this is a great post, i will have to pay more attention to my happy times.

  5. Life is good. Its the little daily blessings that we all need to remember to count.

  6. You have many blessings...enjoy. Dianne

  7. Those are the sort of things that would make me happy too. When we get older we no longer need the great excitements, the expensive trips or outings, the clothes; gentle pleasures and the kindness of friends are so much more valuable now.

  8. Love the Happys.
    I'm so glad you can get out and walk the Mall. What a life savor.
    Your Hubby is One in a Million.
    Those "vacation" days are real battery chargers.
    Hubby and I need one of those SOON!
    Tomorrow we are part of the Food Team and doing a Taco Fundraiser after church. The money all goes toward the Mexico Mission Trip that's happening the week before Easter. I will be part of the 1000 Yes I said 1000, High School, College and Adults going down.
    That's a whole bunch of meals to prepare.
    I do love being part of such a worthy ministry.