Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A grand summer

Late June through early August has offered grand opportunities for visits with Georgia grands and most recently, our two Louisiana grands.

Grandson Walker watches for Nana’s imminent tickle attack.
Our youngest, Walker Vincent, is almost constantly in motion and is rarely interested in being the object of my photographic efforts. Between his nonstop action and a camera that is evidently feeling its age, my useable snaps of Walker were limited.

He does like the game of climbing on the sofa just near enough for me to grab him and tickle, and that gave me a brief window to capture a still and fairly in focus Walker, even though my flash was not working to compensate for the backlighting. That little body is made for snuggling, and in the midst of tickles, I was sneaking surreptitious cuddles and kisses. I love the anticipation on that little face.

Molly Kate focuses on her percussion performance.
Molly Kate is a different story. She loves the camera and loves to pose. She is an entertainer. She rounded up a stool from a bedroom, topped it with a tub from our family room and ferreted out a small bucket. She upended the bucket and kept her foot up on it during her entire -- and lengthy recital.

Her drumsticks were plastic tools from the doctor’s kit in the collection of toys. I couldn’t quite place where I had seen her drummer’s stance before, but I’m thinking the Celtic women concerts on public TV.

Grands continue to top my list of excellent entertainment.


  1. they are both so adorable and looks like you have a tiny show girl on your hands. i remember when my mothers sister gave my 2 and 4 year old sons a drum each for Christmas. i threatened her with her life if she ever did that again, so i can relate to the lengthy concert you heard.

  2. The best entertainment there is. They are both beautiful children. Lucky you!!

  3. I loved the pictures and the back story behind them. We have a large and lovingly distressed coffee table that one set of granddaughters clears off and uses as a stage each time they visit. We most recently were treated to an unintentionally hilarious version of Beauty and the Beast, all presented atop the coffee table. Although for different reasons than yours, I struggle with mobility and stamina issues, but I can be present for my grandchildren in this way, and that's a joy.

  4. Brave parents allow drums in the house, even those made from scratch. Molly Kate's skirt looks Mexican. I love those skirts when I was younger. Nice post. Dianne

  5. What cute grandkids! Love the expression on their faces. It's amazing how resourceful kids are and have always been. Do you remember what you played with at that age? Lol.

  6. No here it is. You didn't erase it. Have a good day. Dianne

  7. I can certainly identify with trying to get a decent photo of very active little boys :)

    I especially love the photo of Molly Kate, giving her "performance". LOL

    Both of your grands are so precious, and growing like weeds!