Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: A Fine Day-Brightener

Two of my favorite guys: son Jeremy, left, and Hubby at Coffee Fusion
Our son Jeremy made a good week even better Thursday. He stopped by on his return from a sales trip to the Florida panhandle. He had alerted me earlier in the week that he might drop in.

I, however, was guilty of not relaying that message to husband Walter. On Thursday evenings after driving a school bus for nearly 8 hours a day, hubby often experiences both a drop in his meal preparation energy and a larder nearly depleted of ingredients that inspire him. And I was no help in preparing a meal.

Since my stroke April 22, 2011, cooking is still off limits to me without complicated precautions to prevent burns. The truth is, though, that Walter had taken over the cooking and grocery shopping, much to my delight, even before my stroke. In about the fifth year of our marriage of 44 years, our work schedules had my husband arriving home several hours before my workday ended.

Jeremy’s arrival Thursday offered the perfect excuse for a trip to Coffee Fusion, our home away from home, for an informal, tasty supper and a good visit.

And I enjoyed the updates on work, home and grandkids, stimulating conversation and abundant laughter--a  wonderful couple of hours with two of my favorite guys!

Thank you, Jeremy and Walter!


  1. What a good looking couple of men you have there! Phil cannot cook at all, only heat canned soup!

  2. Your forgetting to tell hubby about Jeremy's visit, was a wonderful suprise for him. So glad you had a chance to reconnect.

  3. How nice! I'm so glad you had this change of pace that meant time with your guys and lots of laughter.

  4. you are truly blessed with a beautiful, kind and caring family. my hubby did the same thing, he retired 8 years before i did, and took over the housework and cooking, but when i retired, he stopped. hummm wonder what happened.

  5. Spounds perfect to me. We have one of those "not just a coffee house" near us. We love it. Dianne

  6. Important: good company
    Important: good conversation & companionship
    Important: Food, sharing it, always is a bonus
    Unimportant: who cooks or where you go for it!!

    I'm glad you had that lovely time together. :)

  7. Good food and good company equals a great time! Good for you!

  8. Your Hubby is one in a million. How wonderful to be able to have some quality time with your son and Husband.
    I'm glad you can get out and have some fun.