Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February is for Birthdays

February is a month of birthdays in our family. Among them are niece Amanda’s on Valentines Day, Granddaughter Molly Kate’s on Feb. 20, and yours truly on Feb. 26.

Niece Amanda, center, in costume for a 2011 Richmond, VA, production of Pirates of Penzance

Granddaughter Molly Kate beams her pleasure about her baking party Saturday, Feb. 24, at the Young Chef’s Academy.

My husband Walter and I are parents of two sons, and I loved the never-boring, rambunctious world of little boys. Our only glimpse into the girly world came through our wonderful nieces, the daughters of our siblings. I treasure the “aunthood” that gave entre into the world of sugar and spice. But there was no cloying sweetness among our nieces, thank you!

Rather, they exhibited abundant spice. They were independent, adventuresome, creative youngsters. They have left childhood behind, but I am proud to say that even though they are strong, caring, gracious young women, they have all retained their childlike enthusiasm for life.

Now I have another generation of girls in my life -- granddaughters! Molly Kate’s birthday celebration was set for Saturday, four days after her actual anniversary day. Having it on a Saturday, only two days before my birthday, felt like a special gift to me.

Friends, cousins and their moms  sample the teddy bear biscuits and cupcakes they baked at Molly Kate's  celebration of birthday Number Four.
What a joy it was just seeing that little face light up and hearing her exclamation, “Nana and Baboo!” when we arrived just in time to join in singing “Happy Birthday.” It was a happy time even though we were late (Some online maps and drive directions can't be trusted!).

Molly Kate, fledgling pastry chef


  1. Molly Kate is just a doll. I love her apron and chef hat.

    My birthday is today. We share the month together. I always say that all the greats are born in February.

    Happy birthday, a few days late.

  2. Well, I've said it before. I hate to have favorites, but I have always loved Molly Kate, and I look for her in all your visit pictures! She is just so adorable! She is at the sweetest age now, too! I love the chef hat and apron with her name on them!

  3. I'm a February birthday too. Happy birthday to Molly Kate and to you, Linda.

  4. Wow, that face could really make your day. She is adorable.
    July is our "family" birthday. Odd isn't it how family members all seem to be born in a certain month.

  5. if the bears tasted half as good as Molly looks, they were devine. what a great idea for a party. beautiful grandaughters. both my sons were born in feb too

  6. A cooking class birthday party, what a great idea. Almost makes me wish my granddaughters were small again. They are all grown now, 3 off at college, and I hardly see them.


  7. There are 3 March birthdays in my family: my mom, my hubby, and my daughter.


  8. Such hope, such beauty...... such joy. Blessings to you all.

  9. I can't believe she's four already! What a fun idea for a party, too. Belated birthday wishes to Molly Kate, and to you, too, Linda :)