Monday, January 23, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Joy of Movement #3

Granddaughter Stella’s happy dance finale

I relish the opportunity to practice my walking. Indoors or outside, walking in any spacious, unobstructed area bolsters my sense of well-being. But being a spectator can be great, too. Observing the joy that my grandchildren derive from their freedom of movement is an unparalleled pleasure.

Our daughters-in-law share their joy. Both are dancers at heart, and so far their daughters share their moms’ passion for dance. All three little girls seem determined to fill their mothers’ ballet slippers.

Granddaughters Charlie, 6, her sister Stella, 3, and her cousin Molly Kate, a month shy of 4, all take dance. One of my favorite things when they are visiting our home, is how they frequently erupt into joyful dances of their own creation.

All three love an attentive audience. And I am more than willing to fill that role!
Stella dances for her daddy’s camera.

Photos are courtesy of our son Walt, proud papa of four active movers: two little ballerinas and two sons, Luke, 9, and Nate, 7, participants in football and baseball.


  1. Absolutely precious. She is just beautiful, and so graceful.

  2. What sweet pictures! Our little granddaughter is always not really dancing, but twirling!

  3. makes me happy just looking at the joy on their face. so i know it makes you full of joy also.

  4. She is adorable. I see many recitals in your future.

  5. Little boys can use those moves too on fields and courts. And girls can be athletes also. I am happy that finally, cheerleading is considered a sport in some circles. Those kids work hard and early dance instruction can enhance their performance as my granddaughter discovered.

    Remember when you could run and move like a child because you were one? I would like to feel that freedom again. Ah Well, maybe in our next life. Meanwhile we can enjoy the children we know. Dianne

  6. I love dancing, too, but unfortunately I have "two left feet"!

    What would we do without our little "grands" to entertain us and brighten our days?! Such precious photos, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Totally delightful!
    Happy dances are the best.