Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: More blessings

Here is another big “thank you” to fellow bloggers for the encouraging comments, shared memories and thoughts, and queries on how my mother and I are doing.

Update on Linda
I have been out of therapy for a number of weeks, or I guess months now, and husband Walter and I have been attempting to keep up with the at-home exercises.

Now there is good news. A call from the outpatient neuro rehab center yesterday informed me my insurance has approved 10 more physical therapy sessions. My physical therapist, Ashley works mostly with improving my walking and getting torso and everything else to wake up and work together.

This morning I called back about scheduling and learned that I have 24 more sessions for occupational therapy. Occupational therapist Amy works with my hand and arm mostly. That is extra good news since other than the severe sensory deficit on the left side, it is the left hand, arm and shoulder that have been the slowest to regain function. Woohoo!

Another happy: With the help of my former boss and a member of the team I worked with pre-retirement, I have connected with another former colleague who is traveling to Hattiesburg for a night class at the University of Southern Mississippi only a few blocks from where my mother lives.

This angel of mercy will pick me and my walker up at my home in Ocean Springs this afternoon, drop me off at my mother’s before class and pick me up for the return trip home after class. I will have the chance for a visit with my mother. I look forward to catching up with my former colleague, too.

Just goes to show that in spite of all the negative news we hear, there are still a multitude of wonderful, unselfish people in this world. They give their precious time, effort and resources to help in large and small ways. My personal experience on the receiving end is that the small ways are only small in the eyes of the giver. For the receiver, each unselfish contact, whether word or deed, is a huge, generous blessing with ripples that expand outward in an enormous circle of impact.

Life is good!

Update on Annette Carpenter
My mother’s strength continues to diminish. But she is still enjoying visitors, breakfast foods and some other dishes. She is thankful for the caregivers who come in 12-hour shifts and make it possible for her to move from bed to wheel chair and to her favorite recliner.

She is on oxygen now. A portable unit allows her some freedom outside her apartment. Our youngest son visited her today and said she had lunch with him in the restaurant-styled dining hall. The caregiver on duty rolled her down in the wheelchair and stayed close to assist.

And the blessings continue to shower down!


  1. that is good news about the ride to and from and that you will get more therapy. sorry about your mother, but happy she has someone to help her and care for her. God does work in amazing ways

  2. This is just wonderful news on all counts! I'm so happy you will received more therapy.

    We certainly do have a God who is providential. You have more therapy coming. You have a way to go and visit your mother on a regular basis. You have fellowship along the way. Your mother is taken care of in a caring environment.

    Yes, the blessings do continue to shower down.

  3. I'll bet you will be counting your blessings on Thanksgiving.

  4. You know, it's just as easy to count blessings as to count the problems, and it's much more fun. With every one you count, you're also building memories to sustain you for the rest of your life. Your momma raised a pretty smart lady!

    Hugs to you and your mother, too. :)

  5. I had not heard from you in a couple of days. Feared the worst. Happy to hear your Mom is still enjoying life. Happy to hear you have more rehab in store. Thank goodness for good friends and our health insurance. Dianne

  6. Yes, that is all good news. The extra therapy is wonderful, so is the new time you will be able to spend with your mother.
    I agree, there is much more good in this world than bad, it just doesn't get the press which is criminal.

  7. You know Linda, I don't think there are any Big or Small blessings. In God's eyes they are all the same size.
    I'm thankful for all your helping hands and that the insurance is still ongoing.
    An attitude of gratitude shows in each post you do.
    Love hearing how the Lord is working in your life and in your Mother's also.
    Blessings to you and that sweet Hubby of yours.

  8. I, too, feared the worst, so I'm thrilled to hear such uplifting news from you!

    I'm thrilled about those extra therapy sessions for you! It's always good to hear a positive healthcare story :)

    I hope you enjoy that visit with your mom (and your former co-worker).

  9. It's great to know that there is good quality help available for you. And your thankfulness is catching. Thank you.