Sunday, November 6, 2011

Help, Denizens of the Blogosphere!

Questions that are bugging me, some a lot, some a little:
I was inundated with spam a week or so ago. Even though Blogger's spam filter worked effectively, I considered going back to having that thingee with the irritating bunch of letters. You know, the one you have to type in as part of the process when posting a comment. The onslaught of spam seems to have diminished to an insignificant trickle, but is there anything I should watch for about spam dangers ahead?

Repeating myself
This is my 315th post and around about post No. 200 I realized there was a good possibility that I was repeating myself. I have spent (as in wasted) time looking back at old posts when I vaguely remember earlier episodes of pondering similar thoughts for a post.

My searches aren’t particularly effective. Recently I have tried to bring a little more clarity to my post titles and labels. Is anyone else out there plagued with such blogging memory challenges and how do you handle them?

Blogging etiquette—acknowledging comments
Bloggers whose blogs I visit acknowledge comments in various ways. Some reply in the comment section of the same post on their own blog. One emails me. Some leave a thank you in a comment on my blog.  

Gracious, creative and articulate individuals have left comments on my blog, and I appreciate, enjoy and even find encouragement, healing and laughter delivered through their comments. But I don’t seem to find an easy way to reply when a reply seems called for.

When I am somewhat consistently blogging, my only consistent acknowledgement of comments is to regularly visit the blogs of bloggers who comment on mine. My visiting and commenting on their posts has little to do with commitment or determination to acknowledge their comments, though. I just enjoy their posts and am already checking in to see what they are up to next. Plus, their posts always seem to spark an irresistible urge to chime in on the conversation.

I do enjoy acknowledgments that come my way, but am I guilty of negligence? Is there any “rule” of blogging etiquette about acknowledging comments?

And what about the length of comments? I find myself prone to leaving paragraphs instead of those concise, witty comments that I aspire to but never quite achieve. Where is the line between an appropriate and an inappropriate length?

What other blogging bad habits drive you crazy or irritate you to the point you might fantasize about what could constitute appropriate cyber mayhem?

I admit I tootle around in a fairly benign section of the blogosphere. My rare discontent runs more to the variety of “Oh drat! Wish I had thought of that,” or, “Wish I had written that as well as they did.”


  1. I'm like you, LC, and tend to leave comments when I am interested in something. But I do check out blogs first, when the blogger has left a comment for me. Sometimes I tick the option for a follow up email, but sometimes I just fire the comment off and then will maybe forget to look up whether there is an answer. Dizzy or what? Anyway, I've just been enjoying the inspiration of your blog so much, especially as I have suffered a lot of TIA's (mini-strokes) myself. You give me hope. Every Blessing

  2. Now that is a moving comment. You just clarified some of the health challenges you are facing. Am adding ti my prayer list. Its one of the things I can do without my left hand functioning right now.

    And Freda, I count every day a great day that includes that chacteristic sign off from you, "Every Blessing."

  3. So many questions, so little time!

    I used to comment on nearly every blog when I read it. Since I have been working part tine, I find I can only comment part time, also. There are just so many hours in the day. But I try to comment occasionally so folks know I'm reading. And I try to go back and check for responses, at least when the memory holds out!

    One thing that has remained the same is that I try to respond to each comment. I miss a few, but as above, I want my readers to know I'm reading their comments. Few of us are writing just as an exercise, so the occasional comments help keep us inspired by knowing someone is reading our exciting posts! I try to remain interactive.

    I usually respond in the comments, but occasionally, I have something to say that is personal or lengthy, so I respond by email.

    For several years, I didn't use the moderator, but then I began getting several icky automated messages. I've tried a couple time to drop the irritating string of letters, but when I do, I usually get a couple within a few days, encouraging me to reinstate it. It's really too bad.

    And about repeating yourself .... I say "Don't worry about it." (1) If you've forgotten it, chances are we have, too. (2) Even if I remember it, it seems that a new recounting has a different spin on it, and it is interesting. AGAIN!! Don't sweat it!

  4. Well, I have not noticed you repeating yourself. I took off my squiggly word verification because so many people disliked it, but have not been bothered by spam. I was a bit in the past, though. Even with the squiggly word! I have seen some awfully long comments on blogs, and kind of think most people like them. It shows that a follower is paying attention and interested. Now to questions on my blog. If someone is really asking a serious question, I will reply to them the next time I comment on their blog. It is easier that way and I know they will see it.

  5. I'm not a blogger, but I do write a weekly column for an online newsletter. I find I tend to return to the same topics periodically. While we do have some long-time subscribers of more than a decade, we also have new subscribers who appeciate the information, so I don't worry about the repetition too much. Especially in blogs that deal with the lives we're living, some issues recur, and we may have new insights when they do. Perhaps it's realistic and even helpful to return to some of the same situations?

  6. Don't feel badly, my post today has passages that sound all to familar to me. Hopefully they won't to my readers.
    I have my comments set for review before approval by me. That way I at least catch the spammer before post and it discourages most as they know they will never be approved. I get very little spam.
    I do respond to my commenters. To me it is a conversation but that is just a personal thing. I am not the least offended if the blog master does not respond to mine as I rarely check back. Do what ever you are comfortable with. It is your blog.

  7. my pet peeve is the blogs that the blogger does not have their email on their blog. that is how i reply. when you comment on my blog, it comes to me in my email. I reply to all comments by email, even if only to say thanks and let them know. i never go back and write and answer to a question on my post because i do not go back to a post. once i write on it, i don't go back until they post again. some times i leave a lot like this one sometimes a few words. i love comments and love long ones and short ones and I love to click reply to the notification and answer. every one does it a different way and there is no right or wrong way, it is what we like to do. so do your thing. sometimes when someone ask a question and they don't have email,i go to their blog and answer it but i prefer email.

  8. I use Wordpress and I wish everyone did. The Spam filter is A1 and I think most people can access my site fairly easily. It costs about $25 per year for my service, but I have a few bells and whistles you don't have to buy to write a good post. Try it you will like it. Dianne

  9. I think we must feel comfortable with our own style of blogging. I don't think there are any rules. If there are, I must be breaking them. I never comment on my own blog after others blog because I doubt they go back to read my comments. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe they would. I occasionally email a person after a comment on my blog, but not always.

    You are doing an awesome job. Go with what works for you!

  10. I really don't think there is any "real" etiquette to blogging.
    I have done all of the different ways of commenting. I do go back to see if I have any new comments on previous posts.
    Unfortunately I had to go back to the verification letters on my blog. I hated doing it but I was getting some really icky things. It has really helped stop that issue.
    Love getting any size, length of comment. Its just fun to know others are reading my blog.
    Keep it up Linda. You are doing great and I love hearing from you and watching your amazing progress.
    See....I have written a whole essay...once I get started I can't seem to stop! (:0)

  11. Hi Linda, I checked in today to see what you were up to. I see I commented on this post a day or two ago when I was under the weather then, and I wanted to expand on my comments now that I feel a bit better.

    I think comments from others are invaluable to the post and the person who writes the post. You are correct, they are a form of conversation. I am sad if I think someone has visted my post and gone away without making a comment. It makes me feel as if I have failed to communicate in some way or not made space for the other person.

    I hate to sound so self-centered, but I suppose this is the nature of blogs. After all a blog is mostly about the person who writes it, with a few exceptions. Hope your Mom is content.

  12. I've been checking in. Seeing that you haven't posted in a few days, I wanted to let you know that you and your mother and family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. I often go back and try to respond to everyone who has commented if I have something meaningful to say (sometimes if I only have a reaction) but I do wonder if they never see the response as I don't know if they subscribe to the comments as I would.

    No right or wrong way to do it, really, just personal ways.

    Hope you're doing ok.

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