Monday, October 10, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: A Year Ago Today

A Gulf fritillary, one of last year’s fun Florida photos
Cooler temperatures and a long weekend, thanks to Columbus Day, made me start wondering what husband Walter and I were up to on Oct. 10, 2010. Turns out we were camping in the Florida section of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

We had taken our bicycles with us. We pedaled around Santa Rosa Island, visiting Fort Pickens and hiking to both the bay side and the Gulf side. We managed to be on the beach for sunset our first night and for sunrise the next morning. I reveled in our joint photo adventures.

Last night I looked back at my blog post here about that jam-packed weekend from the vantage point of my fifth-plus month into stroke recovery. I could have been tempted to dwell on what I could do then that I can’t do now. But joyful memories effectively demolished any such temptation.

I have to say blogging helps me keep such memories vibrant. Memories seem to come more alive for me when I can tool down memory lane via past posts. The blogosphere with its inspiring and encouraging fellow bloggers and its power to keep me posting is a mood-altering addiction. And that’s a good thing.

More about that 2010 weekend in my post Retirement Camping here.


  1. we were doing the same thing Oct of 2010 and Oct of 2009 and 08 and 07 and 06. my son moved to TN in 06 and with no dog sitter we have not left town since then, so here we are at our homestead. Oct 1 is bob's birthday so i know we ate out and that would be IT

  2. One year ago this weekend we went to a church college group reunion. Some friends we hadn't seen in almost 50 years. What fun. Then we went to Lake Tahoe and enjoyed the Fall colors and the salmon spawning.
    Yes strolling down memory lane is good for the soul.
    Love your outlook Linda. Keep it that way.