Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: A Good Night’s Sleep and More

Supreme elder Grandma Sugar, left, joins hubby and me for her first visit to our favorite coffee shop.

A number of things moved me into gear to post today. Yesterday I felt like I couldn’t possibly dredge up energy to post any time soon.

Today has been truly a new day and evidently a new, or at least a less worn, Linda. So I had to post. Contributing factors:

-       An extra good night’s sleep;

-       A slow-moving morning that included breakfast prepared by husband Walter and shared in front of a cheerful fire in our fireplace, also thanks to hubby;

-       A trip to our favorite coffee shop;

-       A surprise visit by Walter’s mom, Grandma Sugar, who saw our van parked outside Coffee Fusion;

-       Having Grandma Sugar enjoy a cappuccino, her first taste of Coffee Fusion, with us.

Sometimes simple things bring much needed balance and renewal! Blessings indeed!


  1. That sounds very nice, LC. I'm glad you've had a lifting of the weight. It is good to see you posting, but even better just knowing you are in a better place. :)

    Sometimes I have those moments when I think I can't blog for a while. There is something about saying/writing it out loud that seems to free me up in some way, almost as if untying whatever is dragging on me. When that happens, like you say here, I am somehow renewed for blogging again.

  2. a wonderful day, no wonder you felt like posting. it is always easier when you have something fun to report. you both look really happy and healthy and beautiful to me

  3. A good night's sleep can do a world of good!!! And in sleep is when our bodies heal. what a fun coffee shop visit, it really is the little things that make our day!!! One of my favorite sayings is this one: "One day you will look back on the little things in life, and realize that they were the big things."

  4. Simple things are the best and most welcome. Always.

    Don't you look elegant!

  5. How lovely. You look amazing. Rest, and a visit with a special lady must have done great things for you.

  6. Plus, you look absolutely wonderful!

  7. Good to hear from you. I was feeling a bit sad after your blog yesteday. Too many people seem to have fallen by the wayside lately, and it hurts when one of them is someone you read faithfully.

    Isn't it wonderful what a new day can do. Never say never. Grandma Sugar looks like fun. Dianne

  8. I think its the little things that make up the fabric of our lives. Its the glue that holds us together.
    I'm so happy you had a good nights sleep. It can do wonders and having a fabulous Hubby to brighten your day makes it just about perfect.
    Love this picture of you two. the inner beauty shines through.
    Keep on keeping on Linda.

  9. Glad to hear that you were having a good day. You look fantastic, by the way! Wishing many more "energetic days" to you :)

    I'm dragging a bit today from last week's busy days, but I'm catching up with my blog friends while I rest :)

  10. Your photo looks great - I admire you so much in the way you have worked towards getting better. I'm for the coffee shop - wish there was a Starbucks nearby!

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