Saturday, September 24, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: More Good Medicine

Husband Walter and I just left McElroy’s, a favorite breakfast spot in our hometown. I always enjoy our occasional morning jaunts to the homey restaurant that looks out on a beautiful scene of bayou and marsh framed by live oaks that have survived and thrived post-Katrina.

But what made breakfast phenomenal this time was the company. Our son Walt, wife Sarah and their offspring, the Fab Four. Yes, I am prejudiced. It’s my job as a grandparent to bask in my grandkids’ fabulousness!

Tropical Storm Lee had cancelled a Labor Day weekend visit, and it had been awhile since we had had our fix of our Georgia grands.

Granddaughter Charlie
The girls’ were on either side of me, and I helped Charlie with the traditional pre-meal coloring while absorbing information about her adventures as a kindergarten student.

Stella revels in a juicy orange smile.
Stella was busy draining every bit of enjoyment out of the orange slices that garnished her meal. Eating them was first on her agenda followed by creative orange dental work. No photos of the two boys this time--yet. But I intend to try again. We will see them one or two more times before they head back to Georgia.

Right now the whole tribe is on the way to Hattiesburg, MS, where they will visit my mother in the hospital there. Like me, she has been pining to see them. They are successfully administering multiple doses of good medicine this trip—to grandparents and to greatgrandmothers.


  1. I am happy for you that you visited with these sweet and adorable little girls. great shots of both of them.

  2. They are little traveling healers, aren't they? There is just nothing like the grands!! I LOVE the picture of Stella and the orange slice. The picture spells HAPPY!!

  3. Charlie and Stella will be the best medicine. Enjoy them. I was looking at photos of my granddaughters this morning and they grew up even faster than my own kids I think. Time flies when you are having fun. Charlie looks like a sweet child. She reminds me of my Hannah, age 23 this week. Stella looks like the little imp my g'daughter Amelia once was.

  4. Laughter is good medicine. Your Fab granddaughters are so cute. I know they were balm for your soul.
    Happy to hear that they can visit your Mom too.
    Thinking of all of you today.

  5. Dianne saw what I saw in those adorable grands. They are so cute and good thing is they don't require a perscription.

  6. Grandchildren are the best kind medicine! I'm glad they were able to stop by for a visit :)

  7. Grandkids are the best medicine in the world, especially when they leave and you fall into a deep sleep.

  8. good medicine all round, what could be better.

  9. Well worth making a post about, sounds wonderful. I unexpectedly saw grandies 3,4 & 5 yesterday - it is such a tonic,