Monday, September 19, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: Learning to Walk

Grandson Walker on the run
Blogger Arkansas Patti chronicled evidence of her creeping loss of balance in her Circle of Life post today at The New Sixty. She termed it a result of entering the "senior toddler" phase of life.

My toddler-style-learning-to balance-gait didn't creep up on me; it blew in on the storm of my April 22 stroke. At month 2 or 3 my son noted that his toddler son walked like Nana. We were both learning to walk. 
Walker now surpasses Nana in balancing.

At  month five of my recovery, Grandson Walker has far surpassed his Nana in balancing skills. I am still, like Walker, exhilarated by every small success toward becoming more mobile and independent!

Thanks to daughter-in-law Katie for photos I borrowed from her blog, The Daily Skup.


  1. Much of life is a Bell curve, isn't it? Of course, yours has it's own configuration thrown in for the heck of it!

  2. he is a doll baby, and we all go from toddler to old toddler even without the stroke you suffered, you are just doing it a little sooner than I am. I can already feel the toddle coming on, especially in the early am

  3. These days I have a definite "old person's gait" early in the morning, or after being inactive for a while. Arthritis is such a pain--in more than one way...

    While Walker may have supassed Nana, I'm so glad to hear that his Nana is making progress :)

  4. Thank you for the mention.
    I do believe you will soon out perform your grandson. You are more motivated while toddlers are willing to just let it happen, when ever, and at a natural pace. You go Nana.

  5. We are all toddlers in one way or another Linda.
    What a greaat anology about Life.
    I keep praying for and thinking about you and your journey towards independence and mobility.
    Blessings Dear Blogging Friend.

  6. I'm sure you're 'on course', pun intended.

    Get somebody to take a photo of you so we can see you leaning at half mast, preferably next to a ramrod straight Walker. :)

  7. I am toddling so much that I need a cane and a wheelchair myself. But I have always been extremely clumsy and had bad balance. The toddlers leave me in the dust now! But I remember learning to walk all over again after I broke my leg about 25 years ago. It is something people take for granted, but it is HARD!

  8. You and Walker are both walkers, albeit wobbly ones.

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