Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: Perfect Timing

“Then shall thy light break forth as the morning . . .”
I know it is no coincidence that cards, calls, emails, blog comments and visits arrive right at the moment when I need extra encouragement or a reminder that the God who created the universe is certainly capable of keeping his eye on me as I recover from my April 22, 2011 stroke.

Either while I was in ICU or inpatient rehab, I received a beautiful card from Bessie, one of my son’s colleagues in Atlanta. I was touched by the Bible verse and her personal message inside. Not too long ago I received another card from Bessie with another encouraging note including her alert that she is continuing to pray for me.

This time the Bible verse was a verse about healing that I did not have in my collection of verses that I would read throughout the day in rehab ( and still do read now that I am home). I remembered it was in Isaiah but I couldn’t put my hands on the card from Bessie for the exact Scripture reference. Keeping up with my “stuff” has been a major frustration from the first moments in my early post-stroke days when I would temporarily surface from my peaceful secure “amniotic sea” into my physical surroundings.

A couple of days ago, I received a wonderful note from Elihu assuring me that he and wife Susan are holding me in their prayers. We have known Elihu and Susan for decades. They are gifted artists who have made their own journeys through health challenges.

Included in Elihu’s note was a wonderful verse that sounded familiar. I think it is the same one Bessie had referenced. Thank you, Bessie and Elihu. This verse gives my spirit wings:

Isaiah 58:8. Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy reward. Isaiah 58:8

I took the accompanying photo when Walter and I visited the Florida portion of Gulf Islands National Seashore in 2010.  We hit the beach early with our cameras and waited for light "to break forth as the morning"! My post about that trip is here.


  1. It is a wonderful picture of light breaking forth! Yes, you have so many friends praying for you, me as well. And I am just so glad that you are recovering so wonderfully!!! When I first read your husband's post that you had a stroke, my heart just sank, our family has a history of high blood pressure and strokes. But you are a real miracle!!!! God still needs you here, who knows why, maybe to tell your story...

  2. I was touched by the power of the verse and the photo. The hope of a new dawn is so apparent. What a promise there is in that verse. I am writing it down so I can remember it.

    God bless you as you walk through the early morning hours of your earthly healing. Know that we are also headed to that day when we will be totally healed in the presence of the Lord.

  3. I have the book of Isaiah marked in yellow almost half the book is yellow in all 7 of my Bibles. the last 40 chapters of the book are the comfort book and i have memorized many of the verses, but not this one. beautiful verse.

  4. I too am copying that verse. It is so comforting and that picture is just beautiful. Thank you.

  5. I think of you often, and continue to pray for you. Keep the faith!

    Your photograph is beautiful--and makes me long to witness just such a lovely sight!

  6. I looked for and found the verse in my battered Bible. Thank you for sharing it. Your photograph is also wonderful. I can alwys turn to the creation for inspiration and hope. I have begun reading Reinhold Niebur again. He had many good things to say about our battered old world. Thank you for sharing.


  7. From experience I know how valuable it is to have people holding you close to God in their prayers. It is very special both to pray for someone or to be on the receiving end. Every Blessing

  8. and photo and your spirit are both beautiful.