Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: Insurance Comes Through

There was good news last Friday when I went to outpatient therapy. My insurance approved 24 additional sessions with both my physical and occupational therapists.

That is more than twice as many as they approved upon my discharge from inpatient rehab on May 24. And that means I will probably have three sessions a week for about eight weeks. Previously the sessions were spaced out further apart with lots of “homework” assigned. 

The homework was sometimes overwhelming simply because of Walter’s and my inexperience in deciphering the exercise instructions and applying them to my specific set of challenges. We will still be doing homework, but with more contact with the therapists, I think our level of confusion will decrease.

Yesterday’s physical therapy session was especially  exhausting and exhilarating, as two physical therapists worked to identify and correct deficits in those small and constant adjustments of left knee and hip that I would have done automatically pre-stroke for balancing and distributing weight appropriately as I walked.

Woohoo! Blessing upon blessing! Thank you again to all those who have had a part in these blessings, whether your terminology for your contribution is prayer, positive thoughts, best wishes or something else. Thank you!


  1. this is great news about the insurance approval. so happy for you.

  2. I love great news--especially about insurance companies--these days!

    Isn't physical therapy a wonderful thing? Those people are miracle workers.

    Our daughter, Maddie's mom, used to work as a receptionist in our physical therapy department.

    She met the nicest patients while working there--each one fighting their own battle to reach their level of normal again.

    Keep up the good work, I'm still putting in a good word on your behalf :)

  3. Wonderful news. One of the things I did for myself before I retired was make sure I had a good helath insurance policy in place. Dianne

  4. How wonderful about the therapy!!! Now you will be able to get all you need! I hope it is not too far away, or will they be coming there?

  5. Ginny, short drive from our house and they have all the toys and equipment in their gym. And as per Kathy's observation, the therapists really are miracle workers!

  6. It is rare to hear "good news" and "insurance" in the same sentence. How wonderful.
    Put those therapists to work.
    In answer to your comment. It would be wonderful for you to get a Kindle, They are light, take one hand to hold and turn pages. It even remembers your place. If you get tired, it will read to you. Hope you take the plunge. And no, I get nothing from them.

  7. Isn't God good? So happy to hear about the insurance and the less frustrating results will be for you.
    Blessings to you and your sweet Hubby.