Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: No Cabin Fever Here

As we progress in my recovery from the April 22 stroke, husband Walter is making sure I don’t feel homebound. This morning we are at Coffee Fusion, keeping our standing date for coffee and tea.

It never occurred to me before that sitting in a regular chair could be a blessing. But it is, and I thank God that I can have this simple comfortable alternative to my wheelchair. Hubby’s post last week further chronicled one of the challenges he has been facing for several weeks. Even though I am at home now, I am no help in his continuing battle with cunning adversaries, but I am cheering him on. For his post, click here.

On another source of frustration, I thought upon my return home, that my trouble was resolved with commenting on blogs hosted by blogger. Evidently not. I am slowly catching up with my favorite reads, but sometimes technology gone awry is thwarting my commenting attempts. One more thing I will deal with later!


  1. Hi Linda, just catching up on your post of today and yesterday. I am so glad you are recovering well, and are typing and posting again. The racoon post I had missed, that must have been when I was in the hospital, I missed almost two weeks of blogging. How is your progress coming and your therapy?

  2. Linda, I hadn't thought about the thrill of a real chair. Thanks for telling me about your husband's blog. I checked it out and you two seem like a good pair.

  3. i am happy to hear you could sit in a chair, that is wonderful news. and blogger is making us all a little crazy, it goes fine for a while, then starts to hiccup again. don't worry about us, we will be waiting for you as long as it takes.

  4. Linda, I was so pleased to find the comments that you left for me! That, plus the fact that you've posted recently tells me that you are doing better!

    I know what you mean about being able to sit in a regular chair. Those wheelchairs are not especially comfortable!

    I'm happy to hear that your life is progressing right along with outings, and visits from the grandchildren.

    One of these days, we'll look back on these days and say "remember when?"

    I'm off to visit Walter's blog now, to see what he's been up to. Take care! (Kathy)

  5. Hi Linda. I am catching up on my blog reading and cheering you on from Virginis. Hope the heat down your way isn't as bad as ours has been. Dianne