Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: Sorry about that!

In my previous post I started out jubilant and wound up definitely whiny.

Comments about her own stroke recovery from Diane of Schmidleys Scribblins should have prepared me for the sudden and total abandonment of every shred of energy. So yesterday was devoted to our therapy “homework” exercises and . . . sleep, sleep and more sleep.

Today renewed energy is allowing a quick and welcomed trip into the blogosphere—and a return to a more reasonable attitude of rejoicing in what I can do and working hard not to lose my balance and topple over when hubby Walter exercises his wacky funnybone!

To all those blogging friends who usually see my comments showing up in response to their posts, I am still reading and finding laughter, enjoyment, and inspiration, but if I hit a snag in the commenting process, I give it a second try, then, if not successful, I pretty much call it a day for computer activity.


  1. You are progressing so well!!! I think it must be natural to be so tired because you are starting to be more active and burn more energy.

  2. It's hard to be patient, isn't it? It will be good when your energy levels return to a more normal state. I'm really glad to hear how well you are doing. It's just a process, and we can't push it! Keep up the efforts!

  3. Hay, it is hard to be perky when you are pooped. So glad you really got some rest. That is necessary no matter what one faces.

  4. Hang in there and take those naps. Sleep, sleep sleep is the key. Dianne

  5. You're doing great - and remember that medication takes its toll too.

  6. i understand the frustration with the blogger thing, when i opened this pop up, i had to close and open again, so happy you are feeling better each day and glad to have you commenting. if you miss a few, we know why and we are still out here for you. i had a scare today
    just got home from spending the morning in the ER.
    got up this morning and about 30 minutes after I took my Norvasc, the new BP med, my stomach started hurting, as it has for the 3 days since I started on it, and then I felt bad, so took my BP.
    it was 156/77 and 89, I waited about 20 minutes and it was 160/92 and pulse 100 bob left to fly his planes and I am sitting here looking like death warmed over with serious bed head and in my gown, and my heart was beating so hard I took it again and it was 173/104 and pulse 131. I called 911, through a dog in each bedroom and the EMT’s came in and said it was 190/120 pulse 160, so they took me to ER.
    they did a lot of blood work and 5 hours later said do not take the Norvasc and wanted to give me anew BP med, I said will I be ok until Tuesday, I have an appt with my doctor. he said fine, you can wait but call her tomorrow and see if she will see you tomorrow and get new BP
    so here I am, laying around and don’t feel like computer/book/tried a nap and can’t so I am on email.
    more after I see the doctor.

  7. I'm thinking of and praying for you daily. I relish every post or comment because they let me know you are getting better :)

    Aren't naps wonderful? I look forward to mine each day! It's a "perk" of my age LOL

  8. I'm so glad there is progress and you are feeling better.
    Rest and blog when you can. We are here for you.
    Continued prayer for you and your Hubby.