Saturday, April 9, 2011

Viral videos and grandkids

When I see a popular YouTube video, it means just about everyone else in the world has already seen it, discussed it, passed it along and had it come back around to them again. But I can usually count on one other person besides me who is not in that loop -- my daughter-in-law Sarah.

She is usually busy with person-to-person interactions, especially with her four little ones, and spends little time on the computer. I was counting on that when she and the Fab Four came to visit for about five days.

I really needed to sit down with someone else who would laugh hysterically with me at the YouTube video of the baby reacting to his mother blowing her nose.

Mommy's nose-blowing scares baby Emerson.

The other video I wanted her to see was the Super Bowl car commercial featuring a diminutive Darth Vader. I knew she would recognize the “little boy world” of her own sons as the commercial’s pint-sized Darth Vader goes through his home attempting to apply The Force. Plus, the dad reminded me so much of Sarah’s hubby, our oldest son.

My first attempt at embedding video and I have yet to figure out how to get the Darth Vader commercial video to fit. As I continue to work on it, here is the link to YouTube. Maybe I can learn to use The Force to get it to fit. 

Yes, Sarah loved the videos. Yes, we laughed hysterically. The reaction of the four grandchildren surprised me, though. The girls ages five and nearly three kept asking for the baby video throughout their visit. The guys asked for Darth Vader. But all four would group around my laptop, regardless of which request was being honored. The four grands and I shared unrestrained hilarity, over and over and over.

Another source of entertainment for this Nana came after a couple days of viewing the Darth Vader video. The eight- and six-year-old grandsons would march through our home, doing their own full-throttle version of the Star Wars soundtrack and Darth Vader’s application of “The Force.”

Who knew that these videos could bring such joy! I am delighted that these “grand” little kids are following in their father and mother’s footsteps, exercising their funny bones, enthusiastically, often and without restraint.

By the way, the baby video is now at 14,719,969 views; the Darth Vader commercial at 35,712,016. The contribution of the Fab Four and Nana to those totals must surely be in the four digits!


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!! These are just TOO much!! The baby, you know Phil and I were just talking about this. It seems the girls kind of like to be scared! But poor baby looks really scared and at one point almost tries to get out of the play saucer flee. I may just have to post this on my blog, I hope you don't mind? I will give you credit for showing me. The Force is a scream!!! I had no idea what was coming, so funny!!! I'm not having a good day, so thanks for brightening it!!

  2. Oh, my! That baby is adorable! Of course, babies in general just warm my heart.

  3. I find the baby weird and scary! I like viral videos especially when their stars are babies.

    My nieces and nephews, after seeing the recent viral video of twins talking in secret baby language, kept asking for it to be played over and over again!

  4. About your comment in my blog..

    School will start tomorrow so I will be having less blogging activity which saddens me. But I will still try to find the time to blog!

    We don't have spring breaks in here! It's the summer break around this time of the year. From March to May.

  5. Congrats, I still haven't learned how to embed. I had seen it before and it is priceless.

  6. i saw the baby on tv and on tv and on tv until i wanted to smack them for showing it, so i did not watch it again. i am headed over to see darth vader since i have not seen that one. you are right about the viral videos, and it used to be just email, but now even CNN is showing them over and over.

  7. thanks for the link to darth vader, that is really a good one. to funny. if you click on the embedde and copy the code it gives you, got to your post click on the html and paste to code, then go to compose and it should be there when you preview.

  8. Love the little boy with the scary Mom. MY sound is on the blink, but it looks hilarious. Dianne