Thursday, February 15, 2024

A January Freeze


Usually our south Mississippi winters are mild. We have to open windows and let cool breezes make it possible for us to enjoy our woodturning stove. 

 January 17, however, offered a weather surprise. I was cozy in front of the wood stove when Hubby hauled in a two-inch thick circle of ice. 

 One of our 55-gallon  barrels that collect rain water had frozen over. That was a fun morning.








  1. Well, all I can say is BRrrrrr !!!
    That's pretty cold for you. Hope it didn't freeze your pipes. No rain is expected for us until Saturday so we will see what happens. At least it's not freezing rain. Now the mountains are a different story. They will get more snow which is good for our water supply.

  2. Wow! So did you find a way to put it to some use? And his hands must be freezing!

  3. in 40 years here, we had 2 times someting froze. Jan of 1985 bird bath froze, Jan of early 90's pool filter froze and burst. other than that we had 3 sights of frost. nothing like your rain barrels though