Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Life with Hubby

A father and son, relatives of our sister-in-law, dock their shrimp boat in the Ocean Springs Harbor near the bridge we travel often. 

In the summer if their sign is out that they have shrimp available, my husband takes a couple large coolers and stocks our freezer. 

One Saturday morning in December, Hubby pulled a bag of that shrimp out of our freezer. 

He spent the morning making a big pot of gumbo.  We had other appointments that afternoon for a couple of hours, and weather had turned chilly, perfect for a hot bowl of his gumbo loaded with shrimp, chopped veggies including okra, celery, onion, green pepper, garlic and tomatoes. 

I proposed that when we got home we should change into snuggly pajamas for our meal. 

What I actually said was "Can we eat gumbo in our pajamas?

Hubby's response was "I would rather have my gumbo in a bowl."

Shared laughter joined potato salad, toasted and buttered baguettes as sides for my personal chef's delicious gumbo.





  1. Your husband sounds like a keeper. What a blessing you have in him.

  2. Your gumbo sounds wonderful. My MIL down in Louisiana made the best seafood gumbo. I loved it. I make chicken and sausage okra gumbo, but haven't in a long time (and since the pandemic we eat in our pj's a lot).

  3. lately we have been so cold that I have been eating in my flannel gown, so I think that counts. but no gumbo. I do love shrimp and also love okra. yummy meal served with a side of laughter. what could be better?

  4. That sounds like the comments I get around here too...HaHa...
    Glad to see you back on the blog again.
    Yummm the gumbo sounds delicious and perfect for a cold and weary day.

  5. What a wonderful husband you have! A great sense of humor and even cooks!