Monday, June 27, 2022

Living with COVID

My last post included my COVID diagnosis. Yesterday, a week after my diagnosis, Hubby contacted his brother who had offered us a couple of extra test kits he had.

Off we went to collect the kits that were in a bag waiting for us on his brother's door steps. He waved bye to us from a living room window. We headed home on a roundabout "get-out-of-the-house drive for sanity" on rural roads. 

Fridays and Sundays are usually pizza days with Hubby preparing homemade pepperoni pizza. I was glad the COVID tests stayed in the bag. But he wasn't busy with making pizza, either.

At a loud knock, Hubby disappeared and came back inside with a large pepperoni pizza and salad from Marco's Pizza.

Hubby had orchestrated the much appreciated treat for our supper. Unknown to me he had ordered online, checking the "no contact" box. I had not noticed that he had gone outside and put a chair on the landing on which to place the pizza and salad.

The young delivery guy left the pizza and salad, and heading to his vehicle, shouted back at my husband as he stepped outside, "I like your house!"

We like our house, too. His words were lagniappe to an already happy surprise!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, including pizza. Thank you, Lord!




  1. Aww, that was a nice surprise.
    Hope you and your hubby are both completely recovered by now.

  2. my hubby has no clue how to do that, but during the lockdown I did the no contact pizza delivery many times. it was a life saver. you are blessed indeed.. since reading your post yesterday, I told Bob that he and I might have a mild case of covid because both of us have been lethargic and don't want to move and fall asleep if we sit or lay. we both feel like it is an effort to lift a hand to do anything. I have what i thought was a sinus infection and bad headaches both of which are on the list of possible covid illness. we have the test but since it has been 2 weeks already I figure you keep saying this too shall pass and wait it out. I am so glad you went to ER and got checked.

  3. Hope you are past this illness by now. Did not know about no contact delivery. What a great idea. Of course I live so far in the country that "no delivery" is the only choice.
    Be well and stay safe.

  4. Oh, my dear! I am so sorry to hear you have been sick! Your hubby is very creative! I love that! I'm going on to catch up on your other posts now. Sorry I have been 'neglecting' you! Prayers for you now.....