Friday, May 20, 2022


Gnashing of teeth has accompanied my recent outings in the blogosphere. 

Commenting on posts of bloggers I've found through blogs I already follow may or may not work. I can still publish comments most of the time on posts of bloggers I already have on my reading list. 

As much as I love visiting blogging friends, I also enjoy getting acquainted with new-to-me bloggers and adding them to my reading list.

Guess this non-techie granny will have to do some research before that happens!



  1. You are not the first I have heard to have problems. I don't know for sure what the answer is. I know for a while, some have a different comment form to what they used to have.

  2. Sorry! Gosh, I hope you find out what is going on and can fix it.

  3. Nearly eveyrone is having problems with commenting on blogger. I think they are once again messing with it behind the scenes. sometimes comment vanish, and sometimes the publish button grays out, and i have to check my spam every day because several of my blog friends go to spam and don't publish. the forum is showing people complaining so hope they fix it soon... email me the type problem you are having and I might no the fix or might not

  4. I have heard the comments complaints from quite a few bloggers. Some of the comments to my posts end up in the spam folder. Each day I go and take them out and publish them.

  5. Keep on trying. It might well be the fault of good old Google.

  6. I am hearing more and more have problems, and now I sometimes have them when I try to comment on the odd blog on my phone.