Friday, December 10, 2021

Industrial Ag

Strawberry field

Our Sunset Beach Campground site on the California coast was adjacent to huge fields of strawberries.

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. That nearby example of large-scale strawberry production had me itching to get an up-close look and take photos with my iPhone.

I could see the field just beyond the campsite across from ours. But to get close would have required Hubby helping me navigate the fairly steep and uneven terrain to get to the field's edge. 

Hubby squelched that challenging and unsafe adventure but assured me he would stop by the fields upon our departure from the campground. 

Once on the way, he volunteered to take my iPhone and get the images I wanted.


Before he exited our van, though, he did admonish me that we absolutely, positively would NOT indulge in any unauthorized strawberry picking. 

I'm blessed. He helps me have wonderful travel experiences and even helps me keep a clear conscience! 




  1. A lovely adventure! Were they selling thm to pick?

    1. It looked like paid workers. Very organized.

  2. I might have to take just one. i do love strawberries.. you two are perfect for each other

  3. Oh how I wish you could have visited us while you were in CA. It would have been so much fun to finally meet.
    Glad your Hubby got photos for you too and kept you "on the straight and narrow" (:0)

  4. Right up until the end of your post I was wondering if you got to pick any, LOL.

  5. Oh, my, strawberries and peaches for me...I really could not choose between the two.