Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Our Changing Environment

May 2001 we purchased three narrow lots only 71 feet wide. More than a decade later we built our current home on the southern most lot that fronts the street.

With six larger undeveloped lots adjacent to our west property line, we knew the day would come when we would see new homes sprout up next to us. 

That day has come. 

Three large homes are well on the way to completion. The photo above was taken in June. The contractor has faced delays from difficulty with securing materials and reliable workers. Even though the homes under construction are already sold, progress is slow.

The exteriors of the two adjacent to our property appear finished, but work on interiors is still in progress.

Even with the nearby changes, we still love our wooded property. The terrain and vegetation remind us of the Smoky Mountains. Hubby said early on that when we could no longer travel to the Smokies, we could feel like we were there in our own little slice of Smoky Mountain ambiance.

We have had six years in our wooded hideaway.

The photo above is our back porch at night. Now I am praying for good neighbors and that we will be good neighbors to them! 

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Love that welcoming picture. Surely it will only draw in the best neighbors.

  2. change is always hard and when its change like this type it makes me fearful. your home is beautiful and exactly like what i would build if i could... trees are my thing.. our homes are all on 100 foot lots, most without trees, ours has trees but not like yours and our neighbors have changed drasticly for the worse in the past year. I hope yours neighbors are good ones

  3. Your home looks very inviting. I know it is hard to get used to the changes. When we first moved to my present home, we had an open field in the backyard. Now there is a large seniors home in my backyard.

  4. And a happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    What a wonderful cozy looking property. There are nothing like good neighbors and I pray you will have some.
    Beautiful photo of your back porch.

  5. I would love feeling like I was in the Smoky Mountains...a little slice of heaven. Your home looks beautiful. I am sure you will be good neighbors...and hopefully the new ones will be, too.