Saturday, October 30, 2021

Creepy Time

 I am appreciating the Halloween decorations at a home we pass on our way to run errands. (Photos by Hubby)

Happy Halloween!


  1. super night shots by your hubby. i like both of these. creative, not the standard which i like

  2. I'm so happy you didn't give up your blog. The last time I tried to access it I got an error message that it had been removed. I had tried several times and got the same message, and then today I decided to give it one more try, and here you are. So happy, and so glad I listened to that little prompt within to check it out. 😉 Have a very blessed week.

    1. Thanks for your persistence. I had let the domain name expire. We thought we had the automatic renewal set up, but evidently not. Now I have notes to myself on devices about the date I have to renew. Hmmmmm. . . Guess I better put notes on paper, too!

  3. Welcome back...I have missed you. I got the same error messages and when I saw your comment on my blog I hopped over here to say hi!
    I will write more later as today is my elder care day with my friend and then this evening Dave and I are back in the groove of helping with snacks at Celebrate Recovery. Busy day.

  4. Glad to see you posting. The Christmas decorations are starting to go up in NYC and I will be out taking pictures this year, too. Lots of posts to come.