Friday, July 16, 2021

3rd Annual Group Smoky Mountain Camping

Family and friends at Elkmont Campground

Hubby and I joined relatives and friends for a week of camping and EATING at Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park last week.

We are the red-shirted couple in the photo, obviously the oldest campers there. With more than 30 in the group, we weren't the only ones who were joining the fun in spite of health challenges, though. 

But Hubby's compression sock mandated by a circulation issue and the obvious effects of my 2011 hemorrhagic stroke that affected my left side, the "youngsters" of all ages were ever alert and eager to help us oldsters. 

That helpfulness ratcheted up to an even more intensive level when Hubby came down with an intestinal bug. Tammy, a nurse in the group, sent over some medicine. 

Amy, another camper picked up some Pedialyte during an outing. Our niece contributed Pepto Bismol chewable tablets. 

Hubby's sister delivered all those helpful items. Hubby's brother and wife checked on us regularly.

And without their parents' knowledge, Miles and Cooper, the two youngest campers in the group, rode their bikes over to our campsite to check on us. Hubby was zonked out, but I was awake and charmed.

We are latecomers to this group of campers, but it is clear that Miles and Cooper have absorbed the example of awareness and caring for others that is characteristic of the adults in this group. 

P.S. The white tent behind us was "ground zero" for lots of great food and laughter. 



  1. I'm glad you both were able to go for an adventure, despite the illness. I hope he is feeling much better now!

  2. Sure hope Hubby is all better now. It's wonderful how everyone pitched in to help out. What a great group.

  3. That is so wonderful to get together with a group of like minded friends. Sounds like they were all willing to put love into action as they assisted you and your hubby.

  4. Sounds like a very caring group. You and your hubby are blessed.

  5. Oh so sorry for your Hubby's bug...not fun when you are there for a camping reunion.
    I am impressed by those young tender hearts..great upbringing...
    So glad you could be together in the great outdoors.
    Missed your blog posts and had begun to wonder if you were okay.

  6. Oh, it is worth everything to have youngsters show caring and compassion. I hope it did not take hubby long to get over the bug.