Friday, May 31, 2019

Changes in our travel photography

Age, my stroke and advances in technology have changed travel photography for both Hubby and me. My spouse has considerable photo skills and used to think nothing of carrying a Nikon camera and several heavy lenses on a hike. 

Whether urban “hiking” in San Francisco or taking on a challenging trail in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee or North Carolina, he was prepared to capture images of our experiences. He especially liked documenting landscapes, cityscapes, moving water and living creatures, including Homo sapiens

Age and his determination to help me keep on enjoying travel post-stroke had eroded his inclination to carry heavy photography equipment. 

Then we purchased an iPhone 8 for me. He fell in love. Or more accurately, in awe. 

First he was surprised at the quality and versatility, not to mention the attraction of not carrying a lot of gear while having to shepherd me around.

He also voiced regret that we had not taken “selfies” of ourselves to remind ourselves we really were in St. Petersburg, Paris, Rome, Jerusalem, Cairo, etc. 

He now borrows my phone frequently, and I have no complaints. He is quite willing to fill my requests for snapshots, even when it was of elk on the side of a mountain highway while he was driving. 

Elk in the Smoky Mountains (Photo by Hubby)

Or even a "selfie"in our campsite in the Smokies where he had just fixed hot tea for me and coffee for himself and was ready to sit down in front of the campfire.

Hubby and Linda join the 'selfie' snappers (Photo by Hubby)

I think I may need to encourage Hubby to don his readers for the occasional selfie, though. Then, hopefully, he won’t have to squint to see if he actually has us in the frame.



  1. I have not one single selfie of Bob and myself. he refuses to let me. he hates his photo taken, I have to sneak them. we have 4 photos of us together, 1 recent that I made him do but it is not good because I used the timer and he would not do another one. on on our wedding day at my aunts house that night, 2 from a church directory. that is it. your post hit a sore point with me

  2. Loved the shots of the elk and the selfie. You all are looking good and yes the quality of the phone photos are amazing.

  3. Oh it's so important to have photos of the two of you. Keep doing it.
    Love the pretty little violets too.
    I am so happy to be reading your blog again.
    Thanks for commenting on mine.

  4. How wonderful! An iPhone is perfect for you both. I have heard that their cameras are wonderful. Nowadays I rarely see a regular camera; everyone uses their cell phones. What a treat to see you both camping. I am so glad you are back to posting!!