Friday, March 4, 2016

Southern Spring

Azalea indica ‘Formosa’

Our old-fashioned Formosa azaleas have been trumpeting the arrival of spring even while temperatures at night were in the 30s several weeks ago.

Azalea indica ‘Formosa’ is native to southern India and is common in landscapes in the American South. Growing up in south Mississippi, I loved the vibrant display of magenta blooms that covered the azalea plants for a brief portion of our all too short spring.

And Spring is an even briefer season here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, about 80 miles south of where I grew up. Here on the coast, it sometimes seems that we slide right out of winter into the suffocating heat and humidity of our Mississippi summer. 

But for at least a few more days we have spring with mild temperatures and azaleas blooming. And while I am still wearing a light weight jacket, some warmer natured residents and visitors are already in shorts and flip flops. 


  1. Hi, good to see you pop up here again. my mothers azaleas were just like this one, same color... we were just talking about we hope we don't slide into the 90's in april like we did last year. it was a horrible long hot summer starting in April

  2. Enjoy your brief spring and the beautiful colors it brings!

  3. It's so good to see a new post from you--and to find a sweet comment on my blog, too :)

    I love azaleas, they remind me of years gone by. Ours are trying to bloom, too, but, for some reason, some don't seem to have many blossoms this year. It may have something to do with their age. Some of them belonged to Ed's parents, and were given to us when they no longer wanted them next to their house. Those bushes are probably 50 years old, or more!

    I'm wondering if we are going from winter to summer, too. Our temperatures are unseasonably warm during the day. Ed and I have "garden fever" :)

    Take care, my friend!

  4. I especially like azaleas, but have had no success trying to grow some labeled shade azalea in a shaded area under an overhang near my front door. Very disappointing to me. Nice to read you again.

  5. Spring is growing shorter every year it seems. Already 70 degrees here and cherry blossoms are coming out. Rabbits too. My dog spotted one this AM on our walk.