Thursday, September 4, 2014

New word

I love words, and fellow bloggers are continually serving up words that are new to me and that serve up fun, laughter or satisfaction over a new discovery.

“Lexophile” is my latest new word, thanks to a recent post here by Troutbirder. Lexophiles love words and are likely to enjoy word play. "Lexophile" may prove a handy term to apply to my passion for puns. Certainly it could earn a bit more respect than the cruelly accurate “corny punster.”

In addition to the puns on Troutbirder’s post, MadSnapper celebrated Labor Day with the punning observations below. She credited them to GuySports, but I couldn’t find them on that site. Here they are compliments of MadSnapper:

I took a job at UPS, but I couldn't express myself.
I tried being a fireman, but I suffered burnout.
I became a banker, but I lacked interest and maturity, and finally withdrew from the job.
I was a professional fisherman, but I couldn't live on my net income.
I next worked in a shoe factory, but I just didn't fit in. They thought I was a loafer, and I got the boot.
I worked at Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.

I took a job as an upholsterer, but I never recovered.


  1. they are on the front page, under the link that says labor day one liners...

    here is the link

  2. there are a ton more of them, i only used a few..

  3. We love words and puns both! And we both love playing online Scrabble, too.

  4. We love words and puns both! And we both love playing online Scrabble, too.

  5. Ooooo good to see you posting again. I worry when you are gone for very long.

  6. Those are cute. The banker one hit close enough to home to be less pun and more truth.

  7. Thanks for the mention and the linkup. I was in a silly mood that morning and had writers block on my usual nature stuff. I do love words and writing though...:)