Friday, December 21, 2012

‘Tis the season

In the prescribed position of hands clasped and eyes on the music teacher, Molly Kate, second from right, stands ready to sing.

Husband Walter and I spent most of Wednesday on the road to and from Baton Rouge to attend granddaughter Molly Kate’s preschool Christmas program at St. Andrews Methodist Church.

All of the little participants wore their Christmas pajamas for the presentation “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Each class also wore a different style holiday head gear.

Molly Kate takes school extra seriously. Even when her class was awaiting their second march to the stage, she kept her hands clasped and lips firmly sealed.
Molly Kate is all business.

She did smile a bit as her class was ready to return to the classroom and the anticipated Christmas party.

But she almost immediately clasped those hands together again.

*   *   *   *   * 
Waiting for the doors to open and for the program to begin, we also enjoyed our two-year-old grandson Walker. Both maternal and paternal grandparents are interested to see how this little one will adapt to life in a preschool classroom next year.

Walker visits with Baboo and Nana.

Our daughter-in-law Katie’s family calls Walker "Jeremy Junior," because his personality as well as his appearance are much like his dad’s. As a child, Jeremy considered rules mere suggestions. He was creative about stretching rules as far as possible without technically breaking them. 

Jeremy and Katie have some fun days ahead of them.

 *   *   *   *   *
Yesterday was cold. I stayed inside and recuperated from Wednesday’s trip. I had already made my Christmas list, but I did check it twice to determine what gifts we still needed and what bastions of commerce we should breach to acquire them. I just assumed that no one was naughty, that all were nice this year.

Baboo to the rescue
Husband Walter was definitely on the “nice” side of the ledger, stepping up, or in this case, kneeling down to wrap and bag the gifts already in our possession.

Here it is Dec. 21, and we have a few more purchases to make. We have had several deliveries today from my online shopping. I hope the rest arrive in time. 

I guess it’s a tradition, always last minute.


  1. You know I always love seeing Molly Kate. She is a very good student!!!

  2. Also she is getting so big!!!! Can't wait for Christmas pictures!

  3. Molly Kate looks so sweet, seems she and one other were the ones to follow the rules. your story about Walker reminds me of my son Daniel. I told him many times that i hoped one day he would have a child just like him and he did....JUST like him. only she is a girl.

  4. It is often so true that one child in the family knows the rules and follows them well, while the other is always toes-over-the-line! I love Molly Kate's sweetness and Walker's joi de vivre!! bless them both for the happiness they bring!

  5. Cute family photos, Linda! Love them all. This year, Christmas shopping was super easy, because we are giving away silk scarves and neck ties, toy elephants that bring good luck, Indian bracelets, and Taj Mahal key chains -- all purchased in India last month. There will be a party at my home on Christmas. Can't wait!

    Hope you have a great Christmas, Linda!

  6. Beautiful little girl and handsome lad too. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love to you. Dianne

  7. Happy Holidays to all of you. Hugs too.