Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Bridge therapy

Biloxi Bay Bridge 0.7-mile plaque celebrates part of local history.

Mile-marker 0.7
Thanks to walking buddies Ann and Pat for bridge-walking therapy and their contribution to my reaching the 0.7-mile marker on the Biloxi Bay Bridge. That is my farthest point on the bridge so far in my stroke recovery and translates to more than 1.4 mile round trip!

Other bridge-walking milestones that I don’t want to forget:

Oct. 2—Passing mile marker 0.5 with walking buddy Ann
One-half mile means a round trip of more than one mile.

Bridging the Bay

Oct. 4—The day’s bridge walk with Pat included passing the 0.6-mile marker as well as the 0.7-mile marker.

0.6-mile marker

Improved gait takes me past the gator at mile-marker 0.6.


  1. My goodness that must be a long bridge...:)

  2. The mile markers are extraordinary. How long is that bridge, that it needs markers?

  3. congrats to you, further and further you go. i love these markers and especially that gator marker, he looks friendly to me

  4. I agree the markers are gorgeous and are good rewards for a walk well done. I too want to know how long that darned bridge is.

  5. I think I'm all caught up with your posts now! I've left you some comments.

    Linda, I'm so proud of your walking accomplishments! You go girl :) I love those mile-markers, by the way!

  6. What a great achievement! A little more each time. I am proud of you, Linda. Go for more!

  7. I'm impressed with your bridge walking distance! The markers are, indeed, intriguing. Glad you're continuing to motivate your bridge therapists to exercise to keep them in shape.

    Maybe you should write an article with some pictures to submit to the American Heart Association's "Stroke" magazine. Your story might be of interest to them.

  8. I keep thinking about the walk back. I did a lot of walking in San Diego and always remembered I must walk back before I run out of steam. Used wheel chairs at the air port and felt guilty, but it helped a lot. Dianne