Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Hubby starts preparations for tea and coffee in the Smokies.
Husband Walter celebrated a birthday today. We ate our way through the day at some of his favorite establishments: breakfast at McElroy’s on the Bayou, and afterwards coffee, tea, conversation and computers at Coffee Fusion, followed by lunch there.

Dinner was hubby’s choice, and he prepared a delicious birthday meal – steak, fettucine alfredo and English peas. In between all that consumption, we had Blue Bell banana split ice cream and phone calls from loved ones with birthday wishes.

After dinner we enjoyed a couple episodes of Northern Exposure, a TV series that ran on CBS from 1990 to 1995. It revolved around the mix of independent and quirky residents of the fictional Cicely, AK, and a New York City doctor transplanted into the community in the Alaskan wilderness.

The DVD set of the fifth season was supposed to be a surprise gift, but we have been watching episodes since the delivery from weeks ago. Duh! I need to fine-tune my attempts at birthday surprises.

Happy Birthday, Babe!

AKA Walter to me, Dad or Daddy to our sons, Baboo to our daughters-in-law and grandchildren, Skupie to those who have known him since his childhood, Uncle Skupie to his nieces and nephews and Mr. Skup to the kids who ride his bus, he is also my best friend. He brightens my life, gives me courage and makes even the simplest experiences fun.

May your coming year be blessed!  


  1. Happy birthday to you wonderful husband. It sounds as if the day was just perfect.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Walter!!! The day sounds like it was wonderful!!!! You are both so blessed to have each other.


  4. happy birthday and what a wonderful way to spend a birthday. food and coffee and family

  5. Aw, that last paragraph was maybe the best present to him.
    Happy Birthday Walter. You certainly are a special fellow.

  6. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband. It sounds like you have celebrated royally.
    I love your tribute to your best friend. He sounds like one in a million to me.

  7. Indeed you are blessed to have such a nice guy as a husband. Happy Birthday to Walter. Dianne