Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All in the (blogging) family

Son Jeremy has joined wife Katie and his parents in personal blogging.  He launched The Skupien Experience with his New Year's Day post on, what else, resolutions. The blog's tag line -- Faith and family, food and photography -- gives his mom an immediate fix for her addiction to alliteration.

Jeremy wields the spoken word with a skill that spans the spectrum of effects on his audience of the moment -- from an entertaining hilarity to comforting tenderness, from persuasiveness to grrrrrr-inducing button-pushing. His dad and I should know; he started honing those skills on us at an extremely early age.

The written word has held far less interest for him through the years. I am eager to see how this new endeavor progresses. The laughter his first post elicited from me is a promising start.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Son!

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  1. he is funny, i popped over and read his post, seems he suffers from the same selective hearing as myhubby

  2. I'll pop over in a few minutes, can't wait to check it out!