Sunday, July 11, 2010

Smoky Mountains #1: Summertime fun

Must-have Smokies memory
We just waved goodbye to our oldest son’s family of six after two nights of camping in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with two grandsons ages eight and almost six then two nights with the addition of their parents and sisters ages four and two. What a joy to experience again the Smokies’ magic through younger generations’ enjoyment!
Grandsons engage in the simple pleasures of the Smokies.

The six closed their sojourn with the traditional snapshot in front of the park sign. With lots of last-minute hugs and waves, Nana and Baboo sent the tribe on their way. Then we drove down into Gatlinburg, TN, to get a cell phone signal and call our mothers. THEN. . . husband Walter pulled into a coffee shop. And here we sit in air conditioning, with his latte and my breakfast tea in easy reach, connected for the first time in six days. Ahhhhhh! We are experiencing a heady mix of civilization and the absence of constant vigilance for the safety of little people. More about our Smokies summertime travel – and one of my momentary lapses in vigilance--coming up.

The traditional entrance-sign photo is hubby Walter’s. The coffee shop is Coffee & Company. The blessings of grandchildren, children and natural beauty are God’s.


  1. Sounds like a fun time for all! Do you find that after keeping constant vigilance for the safety of those little people, you appreciate your "retirement" a wee bit more? LOL As for 6 days without being connected...that's a long time!

  2. Sounds like ya'll are having a great vacation! Love the traditional picture of the family in front of the Smoky Mountain sign. Wish we were with ya'll! We want to go back next summer! We'll have to introduce Walker to the great outdoors and re-introduce our girly girl, MK. Have a safe trip home! Missing you bunches!

  3. Sounds wonderful, and well done for coping. i laughed at your thoughts on being connected again. Every blessing