Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home for the holidays

We have been blessed that our growing family has been able to make it to our home for a “day-after” Christmas celebration Dec. 26.

And on the day after that – Dec. 27 – representatives of three extended families were on hand for an early birthday celebration for our granddaughter Charlie who will turn four on Jan. 4. Her dad Walt took the photo below of the entire assembly.

Charlie’s mom Sarah came up with the idea of having the party at our home instead of in their home in Georgia. It was a great idea. Not only is our home closer to more family, but family members visiting parents could also come. Sarah and Charlie spent a morning of girl time, shopping for food, favors, cake and other essentials. With some volunteer help, Sarah pulled together a wonderful “Princess Party” while, at the same time, channeling the energy of four active children into constructive activity and convincing one disgruntled male five-year-old of the necessity of eating off a “princess” plate.

By candle-lighting time, all the children were on board with the princess theme and Charlie, wearing part of a princess costume that was a Christmas gift from her cousin Molly Kate, was truly in her princess element.

Cousin Amanda captured the birthday girl’s excitement and joy with the photos below.

Every gift received a dramatic grand opening, and Charlie tried on costumes, from tutu to fairy.

She examined and appreciated every card.

The cousins below were among those helping make it a fun day:

Becky with Princess tiara

Molly Kate getting into her balloon throwing stance

Ashton anticipating birthday cake

Family celebrating with Charlie included her two great-grandmothers, three great aunts, two great uncles, both sets of grandparents, three aunts, two uncles, and six cousins plus her parents and her three siblings.

She enjoyed them all, resplendent in her varied costumes.

And she continued the princess theme the next day. She prepared for cold weather, attired in a new jacket, accessorized, of course, with one of her princess tiaras.

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