Sunday, May 23, 2021

I'm Not a Robot

Having a bit of frustration with those CAPTCHA "Verify This" photos recently. 

If the items are small and/or dark I can rarely discern whether or not the correct item is there or not. My glasses don't help. 

My current strategy is skipping to another set until a photo appears of something close up that spills over into more than one square.

That's working for me so far. 

May all your plans for this week work out for you! Every blessing.



  1. i tried to turn off captcha and i did but it doesn't make it stop. sorry, i tried

  2. I've never been a fan of captchas.

  3. Hmmm, I don't really know what this is, something I thankfully don't have to deal with.

  4. Kind of refreshing to know someone else hates those and has difficulty with them. Here I thought it was only me. Thanks.

  5. It seems Blogger is giving people fits. I sure hope I am not one of them this time.
    This digital stuff just wears me out.
    Captchas drive me crazy.

  6. I know some bloggers have a lot of problems with spam comments and hopefully those captcha things help. I don’t like them either. The pictures aren’t clear.

  7. I will not use the captcha thing on my blogs, I just moderate all comments. But a few say they have had them pop up on my blog. I have not used them in years...I just moderate all comments. I got terrible comments for a while...full of hate...calling me a baby boomer and that Covid was all our fault, and they hoped I died. I did not want other bloggers to have to read that kind of nonsense.