Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday blessings

Annette and Cecil
Today would have been my mother’s 93rd birthday. She passed away Dec. 6, 2011. I am blessed with good memories:
- her stories about her growing up in rural Mississippi;

- tales of her courtship with my dad;

- her adventures as a newlywed following Pearl Harbor, moving with my dad across the continent in the months between his entering the Army as a private compliments of the draft and his shipping out of San Francisco as a lieutenant bound for the Philippines to fight in World War II;

- her vivid accounts of those early years of marriage after the war;

- her ingenuity, humor and ability to conjure fun out of thin air;

- her example.

I am blessed that the love she lavished lives on.

And I am blessed when I see in my children and grandchildren character traits that I loved about Mother, including some that could occasionally drive me crazy.

Remembering has brought tears and laughter today.

I love you, Mama.


  1. I like this photo, glad you have great memories and these photos to remind you of them

  2. She really left you a wonderful legacy of memories. How neat that her characteristics keep reappearing in your children and theirs. No better way to be remembered.

  3. Sweet tribute and great photo! I'm sure she was a strong woman with wonderful stories to pass along.

  4. Cherished memories are the best memories. She must have been one heck of a lady!!

  5. She was truly a Mom to remember. Enjoyed your post. Dianne

  6. What a touching tribute.

  7. You are indeed fortunate to have such pleasant memories of your mother.

  8. I have no idea what character traits to which you are referring...

  9. this was a wonderful post...sounds like you should write a book about your mom!

  10. Thinking of you and Grandma Carpenter! Molly Kate has enjoyed playing with the flowers from her apartment. She dances using them as props and I know Grandma is smiling down on her! Much love!

  11. You have such tender memories. thank you for sharing them.
    My Dad died 26 years ago today, June 13.
    I feel much the same way about him.
    Sometimes we were like oil and water but we loved each other deeply and I still miss him.

  12. This was a beautiful remembrance of your mother. I'm sure you must have missed her greatly on her birthday. She sure was a beautiful woman, and your dad was very handsome.